Sunday, March 22, 2015 | 원영 prelude, | Ruth Kaufman

AliyaJanell Channel

Its your girl Aliya Janell here. I appreciate you for stopping by my channel to witness my work, as well as, get to know who I am outside of this limitless entertainment industry. Im obsessed with creating and flourishing something of my own everyday. Queens N' Lettos is my first brand I have originated from the ground up. Its my heels (lettos) class that takes place every week at the hottest dance studios in LA. This new passion has paid off faster than I have ever expected. Beginning with a repost from Jason Derulo, followed by: Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and a few more of our everyday artists. Transitioning from dancing behind these artists as ONLY a dancer to becoming a choreographer and getting my work acknowledged by them as a fellow artist has been surreal. Besides dancing my life away with Queens N Lettos I collab with the most beautiful, talented artist on our social media, get the nails did, eat life away, love my loved ones, and live life the only way i know how.